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Do you think you can enter a dungeon, loot it and leave as if nothing happened?

Become a hero locked in a dungeon with no way out, but with a lot of traps.

How long are you going to survive?

Try not to die while collecting all the coins you can to beat your best scores.

But be careful! It will be harder and harder as you loot the dungeon!

What will kill you this time?

Let's find out!

Assets based on the pack created by 0x72.

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DoDLinux.zip 26 MB

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Very addicting! i love how the tiles light up in red when a trap is about to activate  (also the music is slowly driving me insane.. but i found it can be muted so its ok)


The red warning is only in normal mode, don't try HellMode if you don't wanna go crazy!

About the music, I'm struggling on find something better and I've tryed but I'm so bad at doing a good song, but I'll try to improve it!

Oh yeah i tried HellMode too (and didn't lasted too long)
I feel some generic metal stuff would work better than the current one
but i don't have any tips where to get one

Actually that was a good idea! I've just found a metal royalty free song and did a loop by myself from it.

Download files updated!

Thanks for your feedback!